anti-phishing for blockchain companies

Phishing in the blockchain industry has cost projects and end users tens of millions of dollars in losses. The ease of executing an attack, as well as the lack of defensive options for teams in the space has produced a fertile environment for attackers. Moreover, the cost of an attack is not just financial; phished projects suffer significant brand and reputational damage which is difficult to quantify and often impossible to repair. iosiro has developed a robust counter phishing ecosystem to protect blockchain companies.

Unrivaled Blacklisting

  • metamask
  • myetherwallet
  • ether address lookup



Comprehensive protection for your domains

iosiro uses multiple detection pillars to monitor and protect your domains.


We parse hundreds of thousands of domains every day, looking for copycat registrations of your brand and domains. This way, we discover attacks before they've even begun.


In real time, we stream brand new SSL certificate registrations for clones of your domain or brand.


We monitor where the images and assets on your website are loaded from. When attackers clone your website, we detect that your images and website assets are rendered elsewhere.


iosiro has a mailbox where your users can report suspicious events. It's monitored 24/7 and we'll takedown and blacklist phishing sites that are reported.


mobile apps.

Discover and takedown fake Android and iOS apps

Attackers are increasingly targeting users by releasing fake apps to the Android and iOS app store.


We monitor the app stores for the presence and addition of suspicious apps impersonating your company. We routinely scour both stores in order to discover the use of your brand, domain, or organisation name.


After we've discovered something suspicious, iosiro's real-time monitoring team react and begin the takedown process as soon as we've discovered something malicious.

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Protect New Mediums of Communication

Telegram is the leading means of community management in the blockchain space. Naturally, attackers have utilised the Telegram platform to launch phishing attacks and scams against community members. iosiro will deploy a bot to your community room and monitor, report and takedown phishing attacks against your users.

Honeypot Accounts

One of the preferred methods of phishing users by attackers is to contact them privately on Telegram after discovering an active user in the group. We setup monitored user profiles that alert us when the honeypot account has been contacted. We can then report and block the attacker.

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