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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) present a high level of risk to both organizers and investors. The large sums of cryptocurrencies raised during ICOs are an attractive target for attackers. Sensitive data collected during KYC processes adds additional risk that may deter potential investors from participating. 

With years of experience in security, iosiro provides a turnkey ICO security solution that strengthens the security posture of systems used in ICOs. The solution addresses many of the threats posed during a typical token sale.


The solution includes the following features

✔ Phishing Countermeasures

We use both traditional defense mechanisms, such as detecting website clones, as well as novel techniques, such as deploying monitoring agents on popular communication channels. 

✔ Penetration Testing

A system is only as strong as its weakest link. The importance of securing off-chain systems, such as registration services or promotional websites, is often overlooked. iosiro can help by testing systems to identify and remedy security vulnerabilities before attackers discover them.

✔ Secure Storage Process Design

Balancing security with usability can be a challenging task when storing funds raised through a token sale. We help design a configuration that achieves the right balance for you through multisig, hot and cold, and hardware wallets. iosiro also provides training for staff members who need to access the funds to ensure that they understand how to keep the funds safe. 

✔ Smart Contract Security Audit

 We audit your contracts to identify vulnerable code, whether it’s logic flaws, using unsafe design patterns, or not following best practices. The report from the audit can be publicly referenced and shared with your investors to instill confidence. 

✔ KYC/AML Security Requirements

Requirements for KYC/AML compliance differ between countries. Typically, a significant amount of security compliance is required, including minimum standards for encryption of data in transit and at rest, restricted access to customer information, and following security best practices. We help you address these concerns and can make recommendations around how best to implement security changes to your environment.