blockchain security

Smart Contract Auditing

Instill Confidence



Smart contracts provide a way to programatically govern relationships between one or more entities without the need for a middleman. The security implications of this new paradigm are far reaching, leading to new classes of vulnerabilities in code. Security flaws in smart contracts have cumulatively cost the cryptocurrency ecosystem hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. We help to identify and remediate these vulnerabilities in your contracts before they are deployed into a production environment. 



We employ an industry standard methodology that uses techniques to identify security issues, such as:

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis  
  • Manual code review
  • Manual testing 


The audit report will first be shared with you privately to help fix issues that were identified during the audit. At your request, we can then release the report on the iosiro website. This public report can be shared with potential investors to provide a third party perspective on the performance and security of the contracts, providing them with peace of mind.