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Smart Contract Development

Secure smart contract development by industry leading security experts


Secure Smart Contract Development

With a team of world-class smart contract auditors, iosiro is proud to offer a security-focused smart contract development service. From ICOs to social network smart contract ecosystems, we can build it. Our rich experience in the cybersecurity and smart contract auditing industry positions iosiro as an ideal development partner to launch robust smart contract ecosystems. 


Security First

We approach smart contract development with a security first mindset. As industry leading experts in the smart contract auditing space, we've seen how security vulnerabilities in smart contracts can undermine entire projects.

We've realised the need to approach smart contract development with security as the primary concern. Unlike traditional software, smart contracts are difficult to update which means security bugs often live on indefinitely in the code. No code is perfect, but partnering with us means your code will be built out by security experts.


tried and tested technology

We use powerful frameworks like Truffle to power our solidity smart contract development, along with our comprehensive test suites, which we use to ensure that our code performs as intended. In line with smart contract best practices, we prefer simplicity over complexity and wherever possible build upon thoroughly audited libraries. 

We deploy your contracts to live Ethereum test networks to ensure that they work as intended before deploying it live. 



Proven track record

Our track record speaks for itself, having conducted over a dozen smart contract audits, some of which have handled millions of dollars safely.

Talk is cheap, we've got the team and experience to back it up.