blockchain security

Blockchain Security

Securing High Risk Ecosystems

Smart Contract Auditing

Identify security vulnerabilities and verify that your smart contracts are performing as expected. 

Phishing Solutions

Protect users from phishing attacks. 



iosiro offers security services to companies using cryptocurrencies or blockchain technologies. We help secure companies both on- and off-chain, defending against existing and emerging threats. Our novel solutions are based on years of experience in cybersecurity, and crafted to address the most pertinent issues affecting this high risk and high value space.

Recent work...

➤ Dala Token Sale Audit

iosiro was commissioned to perform a security audit of the Dala token sale. See the results of the audit here.

More information on the project can be found on their website



Turnkey ICO Solution

Secure your ICO

A comprehensive security offering for the full lifecycle of your ICO. We will audit your code, help protect investors from phishing attacks, perform penetration testing on your launch website, and help secure your collected funds.

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