Penetration Testing
Find security flaws and improve the security posture of your product
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Getting hacked can result not only in immediate financial loss, but reputational damage and exposure of sensitive data too.
iosiro's team of experts have years of experience securing high risk systems. We'll work closely with you to improve the security posture of your product or system by validating security controls, finding security bugs, and ensuring that current best practices are followed.

Application Security

Web App PenTesting

Identify functional and security issues in your smart contracts. We deliver a comprehensive report detailing our findings, giving you the peace of mind that your code functions as intended.

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Application Security Assessments
Secure your application.
Web Apps
Mobile App
Infrastructure Security Assessments
Secure your infrastructure.
Cloud Security Review
Kubernetes deployment review
Security Assessment Process
Secure your application.
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You'll first need to provide us with design documentation or direct access to the target of the assessment to scope the project.
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Once scoped, we'll send you a quote with a price and an estimated timeline.
Perform Assessment
After receiving a 50% deposit, we perform the assessment, and we'll keep you updated along the way.
Receive Report
At the end of the assessment you will receive a report detailing the findings, as well as recommended fixes.
Review Changes
You will have a chance to remediate the issues, and we'll ensure that you've correctly addressed the issues.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a security assessment take?
The duration of the assessment will depend on the size and complexity of the system in scope. Most assessments typically take only a few days, however larger systems can take up to weeks to assess.
How much does a security assessment cost?
The price of the assessment is based on the amount of work days required. We will provide you with a quote after working with your team to understand your requirements.
Do you accept crypto payments?
Yes, we accept payments in major cryptocurrencies.
What technologies do you test?
Our experts have years of experience improving the security of systems employing a wide range of technologies, in a variety of fields. Everything from payment terminals to mainframes.
When should I get a security assessment?
Security should be integrated into all parts of the development lifecycle. However, we recommend that security assessments be performed once the system is production ready. This allows us to test the full-scope of the system and avoids wasting time on broken functionality. If you'd like to get security advice earlier into the lifecycle, get in touch to hear how we can help out.
Secure your system.
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