Smart Contract Auditing
Find bugs, security vulnerabilities, and functional improvements.
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A single fault in your code could lose everything. Get a security professional to provide you with the peace of mind that you're safe.
High Risk Environment

The security implications of open, programmable money are immense. Anyone now has the ability to publish code that receives and manages large amounts of funds.

Whether it's a financial tool, governance system, or game, smart contracts are inherently high risk.

Security Is Important

Startup mentalities and fast development cycles are typically counterproductive to developing perfect, secure code. Launching an MVP or untested functionality puts your users at risk.

A security audit will help you identify ways to improve the security model of your system, and identify existing shortcomings.

Benefits of Our Audits
Expert Team
You'll be working with a rockstar team of security professionals who have years of experience in securing smart contracts.
Private Report
We provide you with a detailed, comprehensive report detailing our findings, as well as recommended fixes.
Public Report
We optionally release a public report that can be shared with existing or potential stakeholders, including for listing on an exchange.
Fixed Pricing
We'll provide you with a fixed quote before starting the work - avoiding any unexpected surprises.
Review Process
We don't just leave you with a pile of bugs. We'll review fixes that you make to your code to make sure that you've correctly handled the issue.
Stellar Support
We care about the security of our customers. If our report isn't crystal clear, we'll work with you to understand the risks and how to fix them.
Recent Audit Reports
Audit Process
Submit an audit request
Get in touch with us to request an audit. You'll need to provide  us with your code to scope.
Accept the Quote
Once our team of experts has scoped the codebase, we'll send you a quote with a price and an estimated timeline.
Perform Audit
After receiving a 50% deposit, we perform a comprehensive audit, keeping you notified of progress along the way.
Receive the Report
You will receive a professional report detailing the findings of the audit, as well as recommended fixes.
Review Changes
You will have a chance to remediate the issues, and submit reasons for any rejected suggestions.
Public Release
After the review, you have the option for us to release a public version of the report, detailing the findings, fixes, and comments from your team.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does an audit take?
Once you submit an audit request, our team of security experts will go through it to determine the quality, size, and complexity of the codebase. Based on these factors we will provide you with an expected timeline.
How much does an audit cost?
The cost of the audit is based on the scope generated by our team when you request the audit.
Do you accept crypto payments?
Yes, we accept payment in major cryptocurrencies.
When am I ready for an audit?
We typically recommend that the audit be performed when the code is production ready, with a full-suite of unit tests and completed documentation. This helps our analysts establish a comprehensive understanding of the intended functionality of the system.
Client Reviews
"The team at iosiro was fast, responsive, and efficient. They were able to begin the audit process right away as well as modifying any risks found in the audit results very quickly. Their audit report was also great for marketing!"
Minwoo Nam
Assistant Director, Penta Security Systems
"iosiro have been great security partners helping us with an extremely detailed and collaborative audit process for some of the largest ICOs in the market, their team is always on their toes and available to answer questions."
Ross McEwan
CTO, Wala
"Always available to help and professional, iosiro's keen eye for scrutiny has helped our comprehensive audit process go very smoothly. Grateful to have iosiro as part of our family of strategic partners and brings us great peace of mind to have iosiro's expertise to guide us!"
Peter Cha
CSO, Cloudbric
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