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Dala Token Sale Smart Contract Audit

We recently performed a smart contract audit on the Dala token sale. The token is an open-source ERC-20 token that allows free banking and remittances for emerging market consumers. More information on the Dala token and the Wala platform that uses the token can be found in their white paper. The source code can be found on their GitHub page.


The smart contracts were of a high quality, largely using open-source code from OpenZeppelin and TokenMarket. Overall, the contracts were found to expose participants to a low degree of risk. The audit only identified low and informational risk vulnerabilities, these are outlined below.

  • Pausing Functionality has a Single Point of Failure (Low)
  • Low Coverage of Tests (Low)
  • Multisignature Wallet Expands Attack Surface (Informational)
  • Token Upgrade can be Required through Pause (Informational)
  • Unmarked Visibility on Functions and State Variables (Informational)
  • Inexact and Inconsistent Solidity Compiler Version (Informational)
  • Using Undocumented Solidity Behavior (Informational)
  • Errors and Warnings (Informational)

The full public audit report, including vulnerability descriptions can be found here.